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The Fretwells
Cawthorne Origins
The Fretwells from c1640 to c1750
bullet Parish Registers
bullet First Generation
bullet Second Generation
bullet Third Generation
Cawthorne and Beyond
The Fretwells from c1750
bullet Fourth Generation
bullet Fifth Generation
bullet Sixth Generation
bullet Seventh Generation and beyond
Fretwell Offshoots
Kay, Dark, Dixon, Newton, Kitson, May and Mayking families - beneficiaries of John Fretwell d.1855
bullet Kays - 2nd Generation
bullet Kays - 3rd Generation
bullet Kays - 4th Generation & Beyond
bullet Wrights - 2nd Generation
bullet Wrights - 3rd Generation & Beyond
Maltby Origins
bullet Maltby Wills and Memorials
bullet James Fretwell The Diarist
bullet James Fretwell's Diary
Fretwell Family Links
Families related to Fretwells through marriage
bullet Coldwell
bullet Woodhouse
bullet Hobson
bullet John Hobson's Diary
bullet Hoyle
bullet Rochfort
bullet Shipton
Fretwell "Orphans"
bullet The Freschevilles
bullet Gringley on the Hill, Nottinghamshire
bullet Boroughbridge, Yorkshire
Legal & Miscellaneous Records
bullet Legal & Miscellaneous Details
bullet Apprenticeships
Non-Fretwell Index
Alphabetical listing of 'non-Fretwells' featured in the Site
The Parrott Connection
Currently under construction
bullet The Parrotts
bullet The Osmans
bullet The Easthopes
bullet The Baggotts
bullet The Booths
bullet The Ortigers
Odds & Ends
A grab-bag of miscellaneous information. There is an index to contents on the page


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