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The primary focus of this Website is, naturally, the various groupings of Fretwells. However, they were inextricably linked with many other families, and in an attempt to keep track of the non-Fretwells featured I am compiling an Alpha Index, ordered by surname, with a key to the primary reference to these people within the Site.


bulletSpelling is as per the records - sometimes idiosyncratic!
bulletBirth/Baptism : Death/Burial dates are included where they are known (or estimated)
bulletDates for the Census references are taken from the estimated DoB
bullet'Legal' citations - refer to Legal Proceedings Pages for dates
bulletFamily names only are cited for references to the Diaries of James Fretwell and John Hobson

See also the table of surnames for those people who through marriage were connected to the Fretwell "Offshoots" - the spouses and the descendants of Mary Kay , Isabella  Fawcett and Ann Wright, who before their marriages were Fretwells.

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This section was last updated on 25 April, 2011