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Welcome to our Fretwelliana website. In the nature of any work on family history, it is very much a personal site, but we hope that there will be something of interest to others.

We have set ourselves quite an ambitious project in trying to make some sense of the material inherited and garnered from many other sources. Some sections and pages are yet to be started or are "works in progress" and have yet to be added to the site.

We have traced Mike's Fretwell roots back to the West Yorkshire region, whence the family dispersed far and wide. Through intermarriage, he now has international connections, the main links being in Germany and America. Leonie is the other half. Her family connections came from the Oxford region and parts of what was previously Berkshire, and also Cheshire. One contingent intermarried with a French family and spent most of their lives in India.

Mike's father and grandfather were very much 'into' family history and so, with the material they had gathered, we gained a head start on his side. Leonie's side of the family presents something more of a challenge due to regular 'clear outs' with each successive relocation! But we hope the web site will grow as the Fretwell material is put into some sort of order, and also from the ongoing genealogical research on both sides of our family.

A Table of Contents is included with links to the main sections of the site. A link back to the Contents is included on all pages.

We have appreciated the assistance freely and generously given by a number of people. These have been acknowledged in the text and/or included in the Links page.

We welcome any comments on the site, and, in particular advice on any failed links. Of course, any contributions to the topics would be appreciated, and if anyone can help find those 'orphan' ancestors....!  We look forward to hearing from you .


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