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The Fretwell papers include a number of listings, notes, etc of Fretwells, who may or may not be connected with the Fretwells who originated from the West Riding of Yorkshire. These 'other' Fretwells have been allocated the name 'Orphans', and this section of the Web Site is devoted to them, and the various groupings will be added as time permits.

The Freschevilles

There is a strong argument that the Norman name Frescheville (and variants) became anglicised to Fretwell (and variants). The Freschevilles seem to have been centred around Derbyshire, and for some generations were the owners of Staveley Hall. Various family researchers have attempted to link the Freschevilles with the later day Fretwells of West Yorkshire. One William Dickon Hoyle (who seems to have also used the middle name DIckens) in 1889 drew up a document entitled Historical Memorials of the Family of Fretwell, of Hooton Levett, from 1536 to 1750 descended from the Barons Frescheville of Staveley near Chesterfield.


Although they did not originate in Boroughbridge, a Fretwell family relocated to this North Yorkshire town sometime in the late 1700s. Their main claim to fame was as lessees of the Crown Hotel, a substantial establishment and one of a number of inns that operated in the town. The first of the Fretwell lessees, and possibly the first lessee of the Crown, was John Fretwell. He was succeeded by his son Richard, and then by his son-in-law, Dr Hugh Stott.


This listing of these Nottinghamshire Fretwells was one of the documents found in the family papers. There are no explanatory notes, to explain why a previous researcher had gone to the trouble of compiling the list, and, at this stage, I cannot shed any further light. Therefore, the list of births, marriages and deaths is reproduced just as I found it.

In addition to the table, I have included a reference from Hunter's Famillę Minorum Gentium of two Roberts and an Elizabeth Fretwell. The family tree indicates that the Gringley Fretwells married into the Gilby and Steer families.

The Fretwell name was not unknown in Nottinghamshire, as the 1881 Census bears testimony. But the majority of the Fretwells listed in the Census returns were located further south than Gringley-on-the Hill, and a large proportion of them were connected with the mining industry.

It may be of some significance that Gringley-on-the-Hill is close to Misterton and West Stockwith, where William Huntington came from. His widow, Elizabeth Huntington, subsequently married Francis Fretwell. (See Cawthorne Origins, Third Generation). Gringley-on-the-Hill is also not too far from from Maltby - about 13 miles to the east, along the current A631. In his Diary, James Fretwell of Maltby notes, Sunday, September 30th 1722, that his brother and sister went to the memorial service for William Huntington, when the latter's body was removed from the Misterton church to the West Stockwith church. (See the Diary Entry under the Maltby Origins pages).

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