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The Hoyles of this account are descended from the Fretwell family that settled in the Maltby area, when Roger Fretwell, Gentleman, of Oldcotes in Heath, Derbyshire, relocated to Carr and purchased the Hooton Levett Estate in 1531. Roger was a member of the ancient family of Frecheville, or Fretwell as it became to be spelt, of Brimingham near Chesterfield, a branch of the Baronial House of Frecheville of Staveley in Derbyshire.

The descendants of Roger Fretwell continued to live at Hooton until Thomas Fretwell died in 1735. Through his marriage to Barbara Fretwell, sister and heir to her brother Thomas who predeceased her, the property then passed to John Redfearne.

History repeating itself, when John Redfearn’s son and heir died unmarried, the property then passed to John’s daughter Barbara Redfearne, and it was through her marriage in 1767 to William Hoyle that the Hooten estate was acquired the Hoyle family.

Hooton Levitt Hall (demolished in the 1960 to make way for modern housing)
(Photograph from “Lost Houses of the West Riding”, E Waterson and P Meadows, 1998)

Before looking at William Hoyle and his descendents, mention should be made of one of his grand-nephews, William Dickon Hoyle, who in 1889 published a document entitled Historical Memorials of the Family of Fretwell, of Hooton Levett, from 1536 to 1750 descended from the Barons Frescheville of Staveley near Chesterfield.

I have obtained a photocopy of this manuscript and have attempted to transcribe it, which has been made difficult due to the poor quality of the copy and the author's idiosyncratic and often inconsistent spelling. I hope to be able to fill in the gaps when I have a chance to sight the original. To access the transcription in its current state click on the link - Historical Memorials

The Frescheville family is covered in a separate section of this website.

See also the Maltby Fretwells.

As with any family history, this Hoyle account is very much a “work in progress” and will be updated as and when new information comes to light. And again, as with any family history, the commentary is "uneven" depending on how much is known about the various family members and how interesting or otherwise I found them. The account is therefore not disciplined in any editorial sense.

I am very grateful to a number of Hoyle researchers and descendents who have contributed their comments, corrections and additional information to this revised edition and their assistance has been acknowledged in the relevant sections of the account.. However I take responsibility for any liberties taken in the interpretation of the information and I do hope I have not offended anyone. Any corrections will be very welcome.

To ‘set the scene’ I have found the following extract from the Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, Sir Bernard Burke, 4th Edition, 1862, Part 1 ( pp730-31) which charts the lineage of the Hoyle family.

The Hoyle family, which has held considerable estates in the co. of York for upwards of four centuries, were anciently seated at Hoyle House, in the parish of Halifax, co. York. Watson, the Halifax historian, observes that it is reckoned a very ancient place, but has nothing remarkable about it now. The earliest ancestor from whence there is a clear and direct descent is

JOHN HOYLE (of Lightcliffe), living 21st EDWARD IV. His grandson

 EDWARD HOYLE, of Hoyle House, mentioned in the endowment deed, of Lightcliffe Chapel, dated 1 March, 20 HENRY VIII, m. and had issue

Margaret, m. 1st __ Mallinson; 2nd, Edward Hanson(?), of Netherwood House, d. 23 Feb. 1614, aet 87

John Hoyle, of Hoyle House, m. Mary, dau. of John Drake, from whom is lineally descended

WILLIAM HOYLE, Esq., of Netherthorpe and Aughton Hall, co. York, bapt. 22 Aug. 1742; m. 1st, 8 Jan. 1767, Barbara, dau. and heir of John Redfearn, Esq. of Sheffield, by Barbara his wife, dau. and heir of John Fretwell, Esq. of Hooton Levet Hall, and had issue

I William, b. 11, July 1773
II John, of Netherthorpe, b. 4 June 1776, m. Sarah Tibbett, and had issue

1 John
2 William
1 Barbara
2 Sarah

I Elizabeth, b. 30 July, 1769; d, 9 May 1770
II Barbara, b. 8 Sep 1771; m. Samuel Fisher, and had issue

1 William
2 John
3 Henry
1 Sarah
2 Barbara, m. 22 Aug 1839, Jonathon-W. Piggott *
3 Ann
4 Elizabeth
5 Hannah
(* date is incorrect)

III Hannah, m. 5 Oct. 1793, John Bullock, Esq. of Ashburn, Derbyshire.

He m. 2ndly, 4 Feb. 1802, Sarah, relict of John Cutforthay, Esq. of Aughton Hall, co. York, by whom he had no issue. He d. 8 Sept. 1807, in the 66th year of his age, and was s. by his eldest son …

Arms Per pale, or and erm., a mullet, sa
Crest An eagle’s head, erased, ppr, charged on the neck with a mullet, sa, holding in the beak a white rose, slipped
Motto Faeta non verba

Seats Ferham House, and Hooton Levett Hall, Yorkshire

Hooton Levi(e)tt carries the manorial affix of the de Livet family, an ancient Norman family that gained control of the manor in the 12th century after marriage with the granddaughter of Richard FitzTurgis (later 'de Wickersley'), lord of the manors of Hooton and Wickersley and co-founder of nearby Roche Abbey. It is likely that the Levetts of Yorkshire, who gave their surname to the village of Hooton, originated in Sussex, where the family had initially held land and where their holdings were in the area of Sussex controlled by the Earls Warenne, among the most powerful of the Norman nobility, who held an immense baronial holding in Yorkshire stretching to Lancashire and Cheshire. William de Livet was a witness for a deed of about 1200 in which William de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey, confirmed a grant to Kirklees Nunnery by Reyner le Fleming, lord of the manor of Clifton. Samuel Lewis describes Hooton Levett in his 1848 A Topographical Dictionary of England as ‘a township, in the parish of Maltby, union of Rotherham, S. division of the wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill, W. riding of York, 5¼ miles (W.S.W.) from Tickhill; containing 76 inhabitants. It derives the affix to its name from the family of Levett, who held lands here, up to about the time of Henry V. The township comprises by computation 470 acres; the soil is favourable, and the scenery pleasing.’

I have included two maps of Hooton Levitt. The first shows the village as it was about 1855. The second map is a modern one to assist people like me who are 'geographically challenged' and to indicate the proximity of the places mentioned in this account.

Source : www.rotherham.co.uk


The format I have adopted is to present the information in sections based, apart from the Introduction, on  generations. As a minimum, each section shows the family tree of the head of the section, followed by a link to the corresponding pdf document.

Through marriage the Hoyles connected with a number of other people who are mentioned in this account and whose names are listed in the following table, in alphabetical order by the generation in which they feature. Some of these were principal players, some had a cameo role, and some were merely extras.



First Name(s)


Blenkarn Matthew m. Mary Fisher
Boyce Hugh Woollcombe m. William Hoyle
Bullock John m. William Hoyle
Cutforthay (née Fenton) Sarah m. William Hoyle (of Netherthorpe) (2nd wife)
Drake Mary m. John Hoyle (of Hoyle House)
Fearnley Judith m. Nathan Hoyle
Fisher Henry m. Sarah Hoyle Tibbitts
Fisher Samuel m. Barbara Hoyle
Fisher Thomas m. Nancy Hoyle
Fox Sarah m. John Hoyle
Piggott Jonathon Walter m. Barbara Redfearne Fisher
Redfearn Barbara m. William Hoyle (of Netherthorpe) (1st wife)
Tibbitts James m. Barbara Hoyle
Wales Martin m. Jane Blenkarn

Generation 1


First Name(s)


Johnson Mary m. William Hoyle

Generation 2


First Name(s)


Dickon Ann m. Robert Cutforthay Hoyle
Hall John m. Judith Hoyle
Jones Edward Lanphier m. Mary Hoyle
Parker Francis m. Catherine Bonville Hoyle (1st wife)
Roe Alice m. Francis Parker (2nd wife)
Walker Hannah Clarke m. William Fretwell Hoyle (1st wife)
Walker Jane Grave m. William Fretwell Hoyle (2nd wife)

Generation 3


First Name(s)


Bentley Henry m. Jane Walker Hoyle Hoyle
Davy Rosa m. Fretwell William Hoyle
Drayton Eliza m. Ernest Johnson Hoyle
Garstang Clara Ann m. Thomas William Parker
Harding Mary Agnes m. Henry Cutforthay Hoyle
Hudson Robert John m. Jane Hall
Hickey Louisa m. John Shipton (3rd wife)
Irving Elizabeth Blaney m. Frank Edward Hoyle
Jones Mary Jane m. Ferham Arthur Hoyle
Lord Edmund m. Emmeline Margaret Hoyle (2nd husband)
Metcalf Maria m. John Shipton (1st wife)
Milward Bosvil(l)e m. Emmeline Margaret Hoyle (1st husband)
Musters Henry Chaworth m. Ellen Auton Hall
O’Grady Anna Helena m. Samuel Auton Hall
Pilkington Henry Foster m. Hannah Clarke Hoyle (2nd wife)
Rochfort Marie Catherine m. George William Hoyle
Salmond William m. Emma Mary Hoyle Hoyle
Shipton John m. Catherine (Kate) Hoyle Hoyle (4th wife)
Smith Emmeline Mary m. John Walker Hoyle
Taylor John m. Catherine Ann Parker
West Maria m. William Dickon Hoyle
White Florence Elizabeth Jane m. Charles Frederick Hoyle
Whitlock William Ridsdale m. Catherine Ann Hoyle
?? Mary m. John Shipton (2nd wife)

Generation 4


First Name(s)


Armstrong Edith Winifred m. Leonard Shipton
Ashwin Charles Joseph Rowland m. Marie Hoyle Hoyle
Ball Ethel Lilian m. Alfred Morris Hoyle
Bateman Winfred Emily Elinor m. John Chaworth Musters
Blackburn Kate Charlotte m. Henry Patrick Hoyle
Bond Reginald m. Mary Edythe Hatch Hoyle
Bushnell James Henry m. Christina Frances Hoyle
Byron Lucy Sophia m. William Chaworth Musters
Carr Margaret Mary m. William Geoffrey Hanson Salmond
Daft Harry Butler m. Florence Whitlock
Davies Jessie (3rd wife) m. Peter Luard
Don-Wauchope Andrew Ramsay m. Emma Margaret Salmond
Duminy Reinette Johanna Marguerita m. Arthur Henry Chaworth Musters
Earle Alice Lilian m. Cecil Shipton (1st husband)
Evans William Godfrey m. Léoni(e) Eliza Hoyle
Firmstone Katherine Beatrice m. George William Hoyle
Flemmich Max Davy m. Susan Gertrude Hoyle (1st wife)
Garrad Robert m. Florence Beatrice Hoyle
Grenfell Monica Margaret m. John Maitland Salmond (2nd wife)
Haly William Heli m. Alice Lilian Shipton (2nd husband)
Hamilton Kenneth Macnaghten (2nd husband) m. Margaret Jeannie Hoyle
Hebden Sacheverell Arthur m. Gladys Muriel Salmond
Holden Rosalind Letitia m. Frank Irving Hoyle
Hoyland Percy Edgar m. Marian Constance Hoyle
Hutton Henry Lawrence m. Annie Ethel Hoyle
Irvin Arthur John Edward m. Constance Jeannie Bentley
Keogh Alexander m. Margaret Jeannie Hoyle (1st husband)
Liebert Emily Ada m. Henry Cumberland Bentley (1st husband)
Liebert Emily Ada m. Henry Trueman Mills (2nd husband)
Lister Kate m. Kenneth William Hoyle
Lovett William Edward Turville m. Ada Lilian Hoyle
Luard Peter John m. Eleanor Jane Price (2nd husband)
Lumsdon Helen A Joy m. John Maitland Salmond (1st wife)
MacDougall Evelyn Elizabeth Westwood m. Charles William Hoyle
Mackie Robert Douglas m. Gwendolen Hoyle
Mallalieu Mary Taitt m. Herbert Brooke Taylor
Marsden Phillip Saltmarshe m. Edyth Mildred Hoyle
Martin William Keble m. Violet Chaworth Musters
May Constance Mary Nevill m. Harry Seymour Hoyle Pilkington
McCully Andrew Lowry m. Ethel Mary Hoyle (1st wife)
Mills John Layton m. Maude Helen Pilkington
Parr Butler m. Amy Ann Whitlock
Pierce Reginald Perceval m. Jeanie Kathleen Irving Hoyle
Pinnock Doris Isabel m. Max Davy Flemmich (2nd wife)
Price William m. Eleanor Jane Hoyle (1st husband)
Richards (nee Martin) Lorna m. Charles Frederick Hoyle (2nd husband)
Sabonadiere Alfred m. May Lilian Hoyle
Slack Gertrude Mary m. Robert William Hoyle
Smith Matthew Arnold Bracy m. Mary Gwendoline Salmond
Smuts Swallow Elizabeth Ethel m. Asa Norman Whitney
Stott Marjory m. Andrew Lowry McCully (2nend wife)
Stow Edward Mathew Kenyon m. Norah Bentley
Swanston James m. Jane Edith Taylor
Toomey James Alexander m. Ada Kate Shipton
White (nee Mumford) Eleanor Catherine m. Henry Herbert Hoyle (2nd husband)
Wilson (née Plunket) Agnes Kathleen Alice m. Stewart Shipton (2nd husband)
Wood Percy m. Hilda Kate Pilkington

Generation 5


First Name(s)


Badenhorst Mollie m. John Patrick Keble Martin
Bailie Bruce Ernest m. Joan Bond
Baker Valentine Edward m. Anne Isobel Salmond
Bancroft Elsie m. Kenneth William Hoyle
Beck Alice m. Peter Irving Hoyle
Berryman Patrick Edwin m. Edith Kathleen Shipton
Boultbee William Dinham Moore m. Marjorie Isabel Lilian Shipton
Bury Ralph Frederic m. Violet Esme Bentley (1st husband)
Channer Diana Kendall m. Eric Earle Shipton
Cooper Stuart Ransom m. Lila Florence Flemmich
Dickinson Olive Cecilia M m. Geoffrey Patrick Hebden
Driver Doris (Daisy) m. Ernest Edmund Hoyle
Durand (Sabonadiere) Richard W m. Isabel Mary Lavinia Barnes (2nd wife)
Farmiloe Mary Elsie Henriette m. William Sacherverell Hebden
Field Armistead Littlejohn m. Violet Esme Bentley (2nd husband)
France-Hayhurst Basil Walter m. Evangeline Chaworth Musters (2nd husband)
Garrard Norman m. Dora Léonie Evans
Gillies (nee Plew) Yona (Johanna) Marie m. John Andrew Don-Wauchope
Glazebrook Arthur Rimington m. Joan Annie Marsden
Goodyear Nora m. William Dickon Hoyle
Grant Harry Alexander Gwatkin m. Marjorie Gladys Hoyle Hoyle (1st husband)
Hankey John Cyril Giffard Alers m. Millicent Ada McClintock (2nd husband)
Harvey Edwin S m. Marie Catherine Ashwin
Hassall Thomas Charles Dent m. Violet Esme Bentley (3rd husband)
Hawkesworth Richard Arthur m. Violet Esme Bentley (4th husband)
Howorth Olive m. Peter Max Flemmich
Heyderman Cecil Albert m. Constance Leona Whitney (2nd wife)
Innes Fergus Munro m. Evangeline Chaworth Musters (1st husband)
Lester Edward Lewis m. Rosalind Mary Irving Hoyle
McClintock George m. Millicent Ada Toomey (1st husband)
Melhuish William Adrian m. Helen Amy Joyce Lumsden Salmond
Morris Herbert m. Thelma Chaworth Musters
Mosley Nicholas m. Rosemary Mary Salmond
Ogden Beatrice Carmichael m. Geoffrey Leonard Shipton
Oldfield Phyllis Sarah m. John Kenneth Shipton
Pearce Fred Esmond m. Ethel Marjory Leonie Hoyle
Rodger Agnes Nelson m. Tyrrell George Evans
Rountree Gilbert Harry m. Catherine Mary Mackie
Sabonadiere (Durand) Richard W m. Dorothy Joan Warner (1st wife)
Stenersen Gunnar Winge m. Christina Susan Bushnell
Surie John William m. Gladys Amy Yolande Hutton
Sutton Alfred George m. Marjorie Gladys Hoyle Hoyle (2nd husband)
Tritton Agnes m. John Bond
Whitney John William Carducis de Monasteries Asa m. Lizette Martin
Williamson Harold Sandys m. Joyce Margaret Salmond
Wright Brigid Louise m. Julian John William Salmond
?? Mary m. John Frederick Flemmich

Generation 6


First Name(s)


Baddeley Sydney Ernest Lodington m. Dawn Elizabeth McClintock (2nd husband)
Bell Matthew Alexander Henry m. Dawn Elizabeth McClintock (1st husband)
Coghlan Kenneth Lake m. Amy Ellen Bridget Grant
Davies Gwyneth Mary m. (Ivor) Bruce Hall
Simpson Barry Neville m. Rowena Eleanor Boultbee


In August 1882 William Dickon Hoyle wrote a paper entitled ‘Genealogical & Historical Memorials of the Families of Hoyle and Milward’, the introductory paragraph of which states-

The family of Hoyle, anciently spelled “Hoile” has been located in the parish of Halifax co for upwards of 500 years.

He then goes on to cite numerous records and incidences of the name ‘Hoyle” and variants, including the frequent mention in the Court Rolls in the manor of Wakefield extending over a long period of time. He confirms that

The line from which came the Hoyles of Hooton Levett and Aughton Hall near Rotherham springs from the Hoyles of Hoyle House in Lightcliffe parish of Halifax where there is an ancient residence still in existence, a branch of whom was afterwards of Northowram where they had estates.

William Dickon Hoyle prepared two charts for his paper which in most respect, mirror Burkes’ Hoyle lineage above, but also expand upon it. One of  the charts provides some information about  Nathan and Judith Hoyle, the parents of William Hoyle (1742-1807). Based on the chart and from further research, it has been possible to learn a bit more about William, his siblings, and their children and this information forms the prelude to the Hoyle family account.


Generation 1

William Hoyle

It is with William Hoyle (1773-1847), grandson of Nathan Hoyle and John Fretwell of Hooton Levitt, and son of William and Barbara Hoyle (née Redfearn) and that we continue with this account.

Generation 1 - William Hoyle

Generation 2

Catherine Bonville Hoyle

Generation 2 - Catherine Bonville Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of Catherine Bonville Hoyle

Eliza Parker
Catherine Ann Parker + John Taylor

Jane Edith Taylor + James Swanston

Francis James Taylor
Alfred Hunt Taylor
Herbert Brooke Taylor + Mary Taitt Mallalieu

Arthur George Taylor
Katherine Anne Taylor
Mary Gertrude Taylor
Wilson Major Taylor
Alice J Taylor
John Archibald Taylor
Christopher William Taylor
Mary Hoyle Parker

Mary Hoyle Parker
Judith Hoyle Parker
Thomas William Parker + Clara Ann Garstang

Lucy Parker

Generation 3+ - Descendents of Catherine Bonville Hoyle

Generation 2

William Fretwell Hoyle

Generation 2 - William Fretwell Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of William Fretwell Hoyle

Fretwell William Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH - Fretwell William Hoyle

Jane Walker Hoyle Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH - Jane Walker Hoyle Hoyle

Of the four sons of William and Jane Hoyle who left England to pursue careers abroad, two of them, George William Hoyle and Henry Cutforthay Hoyle went to India where they married and raised their families.

I recommend to anyone researching forebears who spent time in India, and particularly those with wives and children, that they read Vyvyen Brendon’s book Children of the Raj. Drawing on written and oral records, the work is a poignant account of the lives of children, and the dilemmas faced by their parents in making choices about the rearing of their offspring. The most critical decision revolved around a child’s education, and thereby, future prospects. One option, and on the face of it eminently sensible, and favoured by European residents, would have been to educate their children in India, either at one of the small academies, or by hiring tutors and governesses. But, as constant underlying theme of Brendon’s book clearly demonstrates, the English, took a very different stance on what was best for their children, and those who could (and often who could not), sent their young children (boys and girls) back to ‘home’ for their education.

“…various factors determined parents’ choices about their children’s education : economic necessity, family tradition, religious faith, social snobbery, racial prejudice, physical dangers or simply their own convenience. Of course, they also had their children’s interest at heart. But they rarely consulted their sons and daughters or even took account of their experiences at schools selected for them.”

Most often the smaller schools, where the fees were not so high, were selected ‘on spec’ by parents on modest incomes, based perhaps on advertisements in the press, or by word of mouth. Those families whose breadwinners held positions which attracted a more substantial income, or who had monied connections back home, could afford to send their children to the more prestigious public schools. But the status and size of a school was no measure of its academic standard, or of its capacity or willingness to attend to psychological needs of what were, in effect, orphaned children. But clearly, this latter concern was not ‘in tune’ with the times.

“Why, since English schools were so often unsatisfactory, did Anglo-India parents not make greater efforts to educate their children in India…But such arrangements may might not have produced the successful English (or Scottish or Irish) gentlemen and ladies the nabobs wished their sons and daughters to become. In pursuit of gentility small children were dispatched on dangerous journeys halfway round the world, to be received by relations and guardian they had never met, not knowing when (or whether) they would ever see their parents again. Coping with these physical and emotional hardships, their parents believed, would help to give them the character needed for success…”

John Walker Hoyle, who spent all his adult life away from England, and mainly in Australia, did not have any children, and so was spared from having to make such decisions, but, as we will see, Frank Edward Hoyle was another parent who was forced to choose between his children’s company and their future prospects.

Two of the daughters of William and Jane Hoyle, Hannah Clarke Hoyle and Catherine (Kate) Hoyle also spent time abroad after their marriages, respectively as Mrs. Henry Pilkington and Mrs John Shipton. They too, were called upon to endure the experience of parting from children at a young age.

George William Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH - George William Hoyle

Postscript - Rochfort Family

What started out as a short postscript on the Rochfort family, with which George William Hoyle became involved through his marriage to Marie Catherine Rochfort, has developed into something a bit more substantial and is included on a separate page which can be reached by clicking on the The Rochfort Family .

Henry Cutforthay Hoyle

The account of Henry Cutforthay Hoyle includes a post-script on the Ommanney family makes reference to the following.


First Name(s)


Ommanney Edmund Pipon m. Annie Hutton (2nd wife)
Ommanney Edmund Pipon m. Fanny Maria Finch (1st wife)
Ommanney Edmund Pipon m. Marian Laura Gannon (3rd wife)

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH - Henry Cutforthay Hoyle

Hannah Clark Hoyle Hoyle

The account of Hannah Clarke Hoyle Hoyle includes post-scripts on the Guignard/Dunsford and the Varley/May families and makes reference to the following.

Surname First Name(s) Linkage Family
Abbott Arthur m. Lucy Blanche Pilkington Guignard/Dunsford
Bird Frederick Spencer m. Florence Ida Pilkington Guignard/Dunsford
Dunsford (nee Guignard) Maria m. Henry Foster Pilkington (1st wife) Guignard/Dunsford
Guignard Alexandre m. Ida (Ranee) C Pilkington Guignard/Dunsford
Jackson Frances Alice m. Leonard Foster Pilkington Guignard/Dunsford
McMillen Agnes Catherine m. Lionel Bradley Pilkington Guignard/Dunsford
Gisborne Mary Welch m. Charles May (1st husband) Varley/May
May (nee Gisborne) Mary Welch m. John Cater Canning (2nd husband) Varley/May
Varley Albert Fleetwood m. Caroline Mary Roper (2nd wife) Varley/May
Varley Albert Fleetwood m. Elizabeth Brace Leckie (1st wife) Varley/May
Varley Caroline Mary m. Frederick Nevill May Varley/May

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH - Hannah Clarke Hoyle Hoyle

Catherine (Kate) Hoyle Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH - Catherine (Kate) Hoyle Hoyle

John Walker Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH - John Walker Hoyle

Frank Edward Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH - Frank Edward Hoyle

Emma Mary Hoyle Hoyle

The account of Emma Mary Hoyle Hoyle includes a post-script Hebden family and makes reference to the following.


First Name(s)


Brotchie Ethel Mary m. Alan Hebden (2nd wife)
Carr Maud Elizabeth m. Henry William Hebden (1st wife)
Forster Constance m. Ernest Salmond Hebden (3rd wife)

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH - Emma Mary Hoyle Hoyle

Charles Frederick Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH - Charles Frederick Hoyle

Ferham Arthur Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of WFH-Ferham Arthur Hoyle

Generation 2

Robert Cutforthay Hoyle

Generation 2 - Robert Cutforthay Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of Robert Cutforthay Hoyle

William Dickon Hall + Maria West

Emmeline Margaret Hoyle + (1) Bosville Milward + (2) Edmund Lord

Catherine Anne Hoyle + William Ridsdale Whitlock

Ernest Johnson Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of Robert Cutforthay Hoyle

Generation 2

Judith Hoyle

Generation 2 - Judith Hoyle

Generation 3+ - Descendents of Judith Hall

Mary Hoyle Hall
Judith Anne Hall
Jane Hall + Robert John Hudson

William Hoyle Hall
Ellen Auton Hall + Henry Chaworth Musters

Samuel Auton Hall + Anna Helena O'Grady

Generation 3+ - Descendents Judith Hall

Generation 2

Mary Hoyle

Generation 2 - Mary Hoyle

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