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The families under the heading Fretwell Links are those who are related to the Fretwell families through marriage. There is still a deal of research to be done on these Links, and this is 'work in progress'. Other families will be included, and the current family information expanded, as more comes to light.

Anything that may assist in filling in the gaps would be welcome. We are only an email away!



The Coldwell and Fretwell families are linked through the marriage of Ann Fretwell and Joseph Coldwell, both of Cawthorne, on 19 February 1735/36.


The Woodhouse and Fretwell families came together through the marriage, at Barnby Dun on 11 May 1697 between James Fretwell (c1674-1743/4) and Mary (1675-1736), second daughter of John Woodhouse and Hannah (née Doughty) and through their daughter Elizabeth Woodhouse who married her cousin Michael Woodhouse of Stubs Waldren on September 20 1739. Elizabeth was sister to James Fretwell, who kept a Diary of the events of his time, and the activities of his family and acquaintances.


The connection between the Hobson family of Dodworth Green and the Fretwells of Maltby was effected through the marriage between Helen Fretwell and and John Hobson, date yet to be established. Helen was born/baptised in 1654. Their son, also named John, was another diarist, and his Journal reveals much about the affairs of his time.


Connected via the Maltby Fretwells.


The Hoyle family were descended from the Maltby Fretwells.

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