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The Fretwell/Coldwell connection came about with the marriage of Ann Fretwell (1710-1746), daughter of Matthew Fret(ch)well of Cawthorne and Mary Aude of Darton. Ann married Joseph Coldwell in 1735. Both were recorded as being of the parish of Cawthorne.

The Coldwell (and variant spelling) name is well represented in the Cawthorne Parish Registers, and the family entries are included here. For those with Coldwell interests there is a listing the names of people who married into the family, as far as can be gleaned from the Parish Registers.

From the records, I have made a tentative 'reconstruction' of the family groupings, including an, as yet unconfirmed, identification of the offspring of Ann and Joseph Coldwell.  Those few for whom no clear 'home' can be assigned are also listed.


Cawthorne Parish Registers

Baptisms 1653-1799
Marriages 1653-1799
Burials 1653-1799

Coldwell Spouses

Anne Dixon

Ann Fretwell

Samuel Haigh

Thomas Marsden

Mary Newton

Elizabeth Peckett

Abigail Scot 

 John Shirt   

Ann Thornley

Family Groupings

"Unplaced" Coldwells

Baptisms 1653-1799

Surname Given Name Year MFiche Pg Transcript
Couldwell Thomas 1688 2.5.3 24 THOMAS COULDWELL (per B.T Thom Cowdell) baptized Aprill ye 22th
Couldwell Olliv’ 1697 4.1.5 21 OLLIV’ dau of JOHN COULDWELL baptized Aprill ye 8 day
Cowdell Sarah 1699 4.2.2 30 SARAH COWDELL Jully ye day
Couldwell Edmund 1702 4.2.4 31 EDMUND (Edmon Couldwell in B.T)son of JOHN COULDWELL bap June ye 24
Coldwell Alice 1705 4.3.1 32 ALICE (Alicia in B.T) dau of JOHN COLDWELL Nov 5th
Coldwell Joseph 1708 4.3.2 34 JOSEPH son of JOHN COLDWELL June the 27th
Coldwell Elizabeth 1718 4.3.5 38 ELIZABETH dau of JEREMY COLDWELL (per B.T Labourer) Aug: 17th
Coldwell Mary 1729 4.4.4 44 MARY dau of EMDUND COLDWELL (per B.T Glazier) Nov: ye 16th
Coldwell Martha 1731 4.4.4 45 MARTHA dau of EDMUND COLDWELL (per B.T Glazier) Jun: 3rd and 24thprivate and public)
Coldwell William 1734 4.4.5 47 WILLIAM son of EDMUND COLDWELL (per B.T Glazier) Apr’l ye 7th
Coldwell Ann 1735 4.5.1 48 ANN dau of EDMUND COLDWELL (per B.T Glazier) Nov: 16th
Coldwell Joseph 1737 4.5.2 39 JOSEPH son of JOSEPH COLDWELL (per B.T Farmer) Febr. 27th
Coldwell John 1737 4.5.1 48 JOHN son of JOSPEH COLDWELL (per B.T Farmer) Aprill 5th
Coldwell John 1738 4.5.2 49 JOHN son of EDMUND COLDWELL Aprill 16th
Couldwell Susannah 1740 4.5.2 50 SUSANNAH dau of JOSEPH & ANN COULDWELL Novem’ ye 23rd
Coldwel Thomas 1742 4.5.3 51 THOMAS son of EDMUND COLDWEL (per B.T Edmund Coldwell) October ye 10th
Coldwell Robert 1743 4.5.4 52 ROBERT son of JOSEPH COLDWELL (Priv June 21) Pub July ye 17th
Coldwell Hugh 1749 3.1.3 55 HUGH son of JOSEPH COLDWELL (per B.T Glaz’r) Sept’ber ye 2nd
Coldwell Eliz. 1751 3.1.4 56 ELIZ: dau of JOSEPH COLDWELL Glaz’r (per B.T May 5)
Coldwell Sarah 1752 3.1.5 57 SARAH dau of JOSEPH COLDWELL (per B.T Farmer)(no month shown) ye 31st (probably December)
Coldwell Alice 1759 3.2.3 60 ALICE dau of MARTHA COLDWELL Spurious (no month shown) the 12 (probably June)
Coldwell Thos. 1760 3.2.3 60 THOS. son of MARTHA COLDWELL Nov.(per B.T Nov 13)
Coldwel(l) Joseph Shaw 1762 3.2.4 61 JOSEPH SHAW son of MARTHA COLDWEL (per B.T Coldwell) (Spurious) (no month shown) the 21st(probably Aug or Sept
Coldwell Joseph 1774 3.4.2 68 JOSEPH son of ROBERT COLDWELL Lab’r July ye 3d
Coldwell Ann 1776 3.4.3 70 ANN dau of ROBERT COLDWELL (no month shown) the 7th(probably April)
Coldwell Susannah 1776 3.4.4 70 SUSANNAH dau of HUGH COLDWELL Dec’r 26th
Coldwell Martha 1778 3.4.4 71 MARTHA dau of ROBERT COLDWELL July 19th
Coldwell Johnathon 1779 3.4.5 72 JOHN son of HUGH COLDWELL (no month shown) 23d (probably May)
Coldwell Mary 1780 3.5.1 73 MARY dau of ROBERT COLDWELL (no month shown) 15th(probably October)
Coldwell Willm 1782 3.5.1 73 WILLM. son of HUGH COLDWELL (no month shown) 17th(probably February)
Coldwell Benjamin 1783 3.5.2 74 BENJAMIN son of SARAH COLDWELL March 30th(Spurious?)
Coldwell Martha 1784 3.5.3 75 MARTHA dau of HUGH COLDWELL Oct’r 10th
Coldwell Hannah 1787 5.1.1 77 HANNAH dau of HUGH COLDWELL Nov’r 11th
Coldwell Elizth 1790 5.1.2 79 ELIZTH. dau of HUGH COLDWELL (no month shown) 18th(probably July)
Coldwell Stephen 1793 5.1.4 81 STEPHEN son of HUGH COLDWELL (no month shown) 24th(probably March)
Coldwell Mary 1794 5.1.5 ? MARY dau of JOSEPH SHAW (per B.T Joseph Shaw Coldwell) July 20
Coldwell Ann 1796 5.2.1 84 ANN dau of JOSH. SHAW COLDWELL Butcher Jun 19(?)
Coldwell Thos. 1797 5.2.2 85 THOS. son of JOSH. SHAW COLDWELL Butcher (no month shown ) 16 (probably July)

  Marriages 1653-1799

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year MFiche Pg Transcript
Couldwell Margret Shirt John 1658 1.5.4 91 JOHN SHIRT of the P’ishe (Parish) of Cawthorn and MARGRET COULDWELL of the P’ish (Parish) of Silkstone weare married May the 24th
Couldwell Rob Scot Abigail 1670 1.4.1 95 ROB COULDWELL & ABIGAIL SCOT married January the 7
Coldwell William Newton Mary 1706 5.2.5 100 WILLIAM COLDWELL and MARY NEWTON June ye 18th
Coldwell Edmund Thorneley Ann 1728 5.3.4 106 EDMUND COLDWELL and ANN THORNELEY both of Cawthorne (publish’d &) marry’d by me Tho: Cockshutt Sept.24th
Coldwell Alice Haigh Samuel 1733 5.3.5 108 SAMUEL HAIGH of ye Parish of Peniston (per B.T of Denby in the Parish of Denby) and ALICE COLDWELL of Cawthorne publish’d and marry’d by me Tho: Cockshutt July 30th
Coldwell Joseph Fretwell Ann 1735 5.3.5 109 JOSEPH COLDWELL and ANN FRETWELL both of Cawthorne publish’d and marry’d by me Tho: Cockshutt Febr. 19th
Coldwell Joseph Dixon Anne 1747 5.4.3 112 JOSEPH COLDWELL and ANNE DIXON both of this Parish by Banns per me J. Radclyffe [per B.T Nov 11)
Coldwell Alice Marsden Thos. 1793 6.3.1 130 THOS. MARSDEN of the Parish of Silkston & ALICE COLDWELL of this Parish by Banns Dec’r 1st
Coldwell Joseph Shaw Peckett Elizth 1794 6.3.1 131 JOSEPH SHAW COLDWELL and ELIZTH PECKETT both of this Parish by Banns January 15(?)(per B.T Jan 6)

  Burials 1653-1799

Surname Given Name Year MFiche Pg Transcript
Coldwell Mary 1710 6.3.5 158 MARY (Maria in B.T) wife of HENRY COLDWELL Nov 9th
Coldwell Henry 1714 6.4.1 159 HENRY COLDWELL (per B.T Clothier) August ye 3rd
Coldwell John 1715 6.4.1 159 JOHN son of JOHN COLDWELL (per B.T Glazier) Decemb’r ye 18th
Coldwell Mary 1729 6.4.5 165 MARY dau of EDMUND COLDWELL (per B.T Glazier) Novemb’r ye 20th
Coldwell Elizabeth 1735 6.5.1 167 ELIZABETH wife of JOHN COLDWELL Decemb’r 3rd
Coldwell John 1737 6.5.2 168 JOHN son of JOSEPH COLDWELL (per B.T Farmer)(an infant) Aprill 12th
Coldwell John 1742 6.5.3 169 JOHN COLDWELL March ye 31st
Coldwell Olive 1742 6.5.3 170 OLIVE COLDWELL April ye 18th
Coldwell Ann 1746 6.5.4 171 ANN (per B.T Anne) wife of JOSEPH COLDWELL (no month shown) ye 11th
Coldwell Anne 1751 7.1.2 173 ANNE dau of EDMUND COLDWELL Glazier (no months shown ye 8th(probably May)
Coldwell Willm 1751 7.1.3 173 WILLM. son of EDMUND COLDWELL Glaz’r May ye 18th
Coldwell Thos. 1760 7.2.1 177 THOS. son of MARTHA COLDWELL Dec’ber 14th
Coldwell Sarah 1766 7.2.3 179 SARAH dau of JOSEPH COLDWELL farmer (no month shown) 17th(probably June)
Coldwell Thos. 1768 7.2.4 180 THOS. son of EDMUND COLDWELL Glazi’r (no month shown) y…? (per B.T Dec 14)
Coldwell Elizabeth 1774 7.3.3 183 ELIZABETH dau of JOSEPH COLDWELL Glasier Dec’r 10th
Coldwell Anne 1775 7.3.3 183 ANNE wife of EDMUND COLDWELL of Hoylandswain Dec’r 21st
Coldwell Edmond 1782 7.4.1 186 EDMUND COLDWELL (read in B.T. as Eamon Coldwell) (no month shown) 2nd(probably December)
Coldwell George 1783 7.4.1 187 GEORGE son of EAMON COLDWELL (or Edmund Coldwell per B.T) (no month shown 21st(probably January
Coldwell Robert 1785 7.4.3 188 ROBERT COLDWELL Labourer (no month shown) 12th(probably December)
Coldwell Joseph 1790 7.4.4 190 JOSEPH COLDWELL (no month shown)10th(probably January
Coldwell Ann 1792 7.4.5 191 ANN COLDWELL Widow (no month shown) 10th(per B.T Apl 19)
Coldwell Elizabeth 1792 7.4.5 191 ELIZABETH COLDWELL Widow (no month shown) 16th(probably May)
Coldwell William 1792 7.4.5 191 WILLIAM son of HUGH COLDWELL (no months shown) 22nd July
Coldwell Martha 1793 7.5.1 192 MARTHA COLDWELL (no month shown)24th(probably March)
Coldwell Ann 1793 7.5.1 192 ANN COLDWELL (no month shown) 21(probably October)
Coldwell Stephen 1793 7.5.1 192 STEPHEN son of HUGH COLDWELL (no month shown) 18(probably December)
Coldwell Hugh 1794 7.5.1 192 HUGH COLDWELL Cooper Oct’r 9
Coldwell Ann 1796 7.5.2 193 ANN dau of JOSH. SHAW COLDWELL June16

  Coldwell Spouses

Surname Given Name Spouse
Shirt John Margret Couldwell
Scot Abigail Rob Couldwell
Newton Mary William Coldwell
Thorneley Ann Edmund Coldwell
Haigh Samuel Alice Coldwell
Fretwell Ann Joseph Coldwell
Dixon Anne Joseph Coldwell
Marsden Thomas Alice Coldwell
Peckett Elizabeth Joseph Shaw Coldwell

  Family Groupings (Tentative)

Head Dates Marr.Date Spouse Dates Children Dates Comment
John Coldwell ?-1742? ? ?Elizabeth? ?-1735? Olliv' 1697-1742  
        Edmund 1702-1782  
      Alice(Alicia) 1705-? Alice married, 1733, Samuel Haigh
      Joseph 1708-?  
      ?John? ?-1715  
William Coldwell ?-? 1706 Mary Newton ?-?      
Jeremy Coldwell ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? Elizabeth 1718-?  
Edmund(Eamon) Coldwell 1702-1782 1728 Ann Thorneley 1704-1751 Mary 1729-1729 Mary lived 4 days only
        Martha 1731-? See below for Martha's 3 (illegitimate?) children
      William 1734-1751  
      Ann(e) 1735-1751  
      John 1738-?  
      Thomas 1742-1768  
      ?George ?-1783  
Joseph Coldwell 1708-? 1735 Ann Fretwell 1710-1746 Joseph 1736/7-?  
        John 1737-1737 John lived 7 days only
      Susannah 1740-?  
      Robert 1743-1785 See below for Robert's family
1747 Anne Dixon ?-? Hugh 1749-1794 See below for Hugh's family
      Elizabeth 1751-1774  
      Sarah 1752-1776  
Henry Coldwell ?-1714 ? Mary(Maria)? ?-1710      
Martha Fretwell 1731-?   Illegitimate?   Alice Coldwell 1759-? Alice married 1793 Thomas Marsden
    Illegitimate?   Thomas Coldwell 1760-1760 Thomas lived 1 month only
  Illegitimate?   Joseph Shaw Coldwell 1762-? See below for Joseph S's family
Robert Coldwell 1743-1785 ? ? ?-? Joseph 1774-?  
        Ann 1776-?  
      Martha 1778-?  
      Mary 1780-?  
Hugh Coldwell 1749-1794 ? ? ?-? Susannah 1776-?  
        Johnathon 1799-?  
      William 1782-1792  
      Martha 1784-?  
      Hannah 1787-?  
      Elizabeth 1790-?  
      Stephen 1793-1793 Stephen lived 10 months only
Joseph Shaw Coldwell 1762-? 1794 Elizabeth Peckett ?-? Mary 1794-?  
        Ann 1796-1796 Ann lived a few hours only
      Thomas 1979-?  

  Unplaced Coldwells

Surname Given Name Parish Record Comment
Couldwell Margret Mar 1858 to John Shirt Couldwell - variant spelling for Coldwell?
Couldwell Sarah Bap 1688 Couldwell - variant spelling for Coldwell?
Couldwell Rob Mar 1670 to Abigail Scot Couldwell - variant spelling for Coldwell?
Cowdell Thomas Bap 1699 Cowdell - variant spelling for Coldwell?
Coldwell Benjamin s/o Sarah Bap 1783  
Coldwell Ann (Widow) Bur 1792 Ann(e) Dixon, widow of Joesph Coldwell?
Coldwell Joseph Bur 1790 Joseph, husband of Ann(e) (née Dixon)?
Coldwell Martha Bur 1793 Martha, daughter of Edmund?, or Robert?, or Hugh?
Coldwell Ann Bur 1793 Ann, daughter of Robert Coldwell?

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