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The Woodhouse and Fretwell families came together through the marriage, at Barnby Dun on 11 May 1697 between James Fretwell (c1674-1743/4) and Mary (1675-1736), second daughter of John Woodhouse and Hannah (née Doughty) and through their daughter Elizabeth Woodhouse who married her cousin Michael Woodhouse of Stubs Waldren on September 20 1739. Elizabeth was sister to James Fretwell, who kept a Diary of the events of his time, and the activities of his family and acquaintances.

At this stage the research into the Woodhouse family has not progressed much beyond that obtained from a pedigree drawn up by a past recorder. This is provided below, together with a family tree. Both are preceded by a table of surnames of people who married into the Woodhouse family.

Woodhouse Spouses

The table below lists those people who married into the Fretwell and Woodhouse families over the period covered by the Pedigrees.

Woodhouse Family Trees

The generational family trees hopefully assist with distinguishing the numerous Johns, Marys, Richards, Hannahs, etc. As with most families of this period, the repetitive use of a limited number of first names, while showing due respect to forebears, proves a nightmare to genealogists.

Woodhouse Pedigree

Generation No. 1

Roger Woodhouse, of Norton, in the parish of Campsal, co York, yeoman, churchwarden 1618. Buried at Campsall Jan. 15 1644-5. Will dated April 15, 1640; proved at York May 8, 1646. Married Jane ? who was buried Oct. 20, 1644.

Generation No. 2

John Woodhouse, 1640

George Woodhouse, of Norton, yeoman, 1640. Will dated April 21, 1658; proved at York Feb. 20, 1664, by Elizabeth his widow. Buried March 8, 1662-3. Married Elizabeth ?. Left Issue.

William Woodhouse, of Norton, churchwarden 1648. Buried Nov. 1673. Administration March 24, 1673-4, to Elizabeth, his widow. Married Elizabeth ?, whose will dated April 25 and proved Nov 16, 1684. Buried Oct. 31 1684.

Generation No. 3

Jane Woodhouse, baptized March 8, 1634-5. 1640.

Elizabeth Woodhouse, baptized March 21, 1640-41.

Ellen Woodhouse, baptized March 26, 1645; buried April 19 seq.

Robert Woodhouse, of Norton, 1684. Buried Dec. 12, 1691; married Alice . . Died Oct 13, and buried at Campsal Oct 15, 1727.

John Woodhouse, 1684, of Norton. Churchwarden 1650, 1666, 1679. Will dated Sept. 12, 1690. Buried Jan 19, 1690-1. Married (1st) Hannah Doughty, daughter of . . .Doughty, of Foster Houses. Buried Mar 18, 1680-1. (2nd) Sarah Wilcox, daughter of . . Wilcox, of Worsborough, co. York. Sarah Woodhouse married William Moore of Norton (1st wife) at Smeaton in 1694. He married (2nd wife) Ruth Oates, daughter of Ralph Oates, M.A., rector of Smeaton, and widow of . . Walker, of Haddlesey. Died Feb 20, and buried at Smeaton Feb. 22, 1738-9.

Generation No. 4

Children of John Woodhouse and Hannah Doughty


Hannah Woodhouse born June 2 and baptized June 28, 1672. Died Jan 1, 1727-8. Married Michael Woodhouse, of Stubs Walden; buried at Womersley July 31, 1721.


Mary Woodhouse, married James Fretwell


Elizabeth Woodhouse, born Dec. 14, 1677, baptized Jan. 13, 1677-8. Died March 18, 1726-7. Married Thomas Hill of Fishlake (his 1st wife). He remarried (name unknown). This 2nd wife was buried Feb. 7, 1747-8.

Child of John Woodhouse and Sarah Wilcox


John Woodhouse, an attorney of the Sherriff’s Court, and afterwards of the King’s Bench; born April 24, and baptized May 1686. Married June 6, 1721. Buried May 30, 1726.

Children of Robert Woodhouse and Alice ?


John Woodhouse of Cross house in Norton; baptized March 28, 1672; buried as J.W. senior, Oct. 26, 1724. Married at Womersley, on Oct. 8, 1699, to Lydia Scholey, daughter of John Scholey, of Womersley. She died February 20, 1733-4; buried at Campsall on Feb. 22.


Lydia Woodhouse, baptized February 1674-5; buried Nov. 4, 1675.


Sarah Woodhouse, baptized Jan. 4, 1676-7; buried March 17 seq.


Ruth Woodhouse, baptized Oct. 6, and buried Oct. 17, 1678.


Robert Woodhouse, baptized Dec. 16, 1678, and bur. Aug. 4, 1682.


Alice Woodhouse, baptized Oct. 6, and buried Oct. 12, 1683.


Reuben Woodhouse, of Norton, gent., baptized May 24, 1685. Died unmarried April 13, and buried at Campsall April 15, 1734.


William Woodhouse, buried Nov. 19, 1688.

Generation No. 5

Children of Hannah Woodhouse and Michael Woodhouse


William Woodhouse, died in London, unmarried in July 1721.


John Woodhouse, of Stubs-Walden. Died April 2, 1750, aged 50; buried at Womersley, co. York.


Michael Woodhouse, married Elizabeth Fretwell

Children of John Woodhouse and Lydia Scholey


Elizabeth Woodhouse, married Sept. 30, 1722, to William Godfrey, of Hook, in the parish of Snaith, co. York, who died in Aug. 1738.


Alice Woodhouse, married at York Cathedral Dec. 15. 1726, to Thomas Hill, of the parish of Wath.

Generation No. 6

Children of Michael Woodhouse and Elizabeth Fretwell


William Woodhouse, only son, born Sept. 28, 1751; died Aug. 19, 1783; buried at Womersley.


Elizabeth Woodhouse, married Nov. 4, 1779, to Thomas Boyne, of Balne.


Mary Woodhouse, married to William Webster, of Pontefract, tanner; and died Sept. 2, 1785, aged 43; buried at Womersley.


Hannah Woodhouse, married at Womersley Jan. 4, 1770 to Thomas Askeron.


Ann Woodhouse, married to John Askeron, of Womersley.


Peggy Woodhouse

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