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This account of the Rochfort family is a “work in progress” and will be updated as and when new information comes to light. And again, as with any family history, the account is "uneven" depending on how much is known about the various family members. I am very grateful to a number of Rochfort researchers and descendents who have contributed to this 'first edition' and their assistance has been acknowledged in the relevant sections of the account.. However I take responsibility for the interpretation of the information and I do hope I have not offended anyone. Any corrections will be very welcome.

To 'set the scene' I have listed those people mentioned in the account who married into the Rochfort family.

The story commences with Marcus Gustavus Rochfort and his wife Mary Ann Hodges, and the subsequent sections deal with each of their children, and their families.  As a minimum, each section shows the family tree of the head of the section, followed by a link to the corresponding PDF document.


First Name(s)


Aldersley Arthur m. Alice Ethel Rochfort
Baker Lilian Mace m. Arthur Patrick G Rochfort
Barratt (neé Parr) Mabel Harriett m. Richard Adair Rochfort (2nd wife)
Bartley John m. Winifred Dalton Elton  (2nd husband)
Burbidge Ernest Halhad m. Mabel Bertha Rochfort
Burns Evelyn de Gray m. Frank Elton Montrion
Campbell Janet m. Frederick Harms Elton (2nd wife)
Chamberlain Ethel May m. Charles Frederick Russell
Corbet Adeline m. Edward Fraser Rochfort Holroyd
Dalton Mary Ann m. Edward Rochfort Elton
Day John George m. Eliza Blanche Home
Dickson John Hermann m. Norah Greenfield Rochfort
Elton Mary Anne m. Henry Nathaniel Elton (2nd wife)
Elton Henry Nathaniel m. Eliza Everina Rochfort
Etheridge Delphine m. Robert Elton Hoyle
Gard Susie May m. Henry Marwood Elton
Garvan David m. Margaret Agnes Elton
Gough Margaret (Minnie) E E m. Francis Rochfort Elton
Greenfield Mary Elizabeth m. Marcus Burgh Rochfort
Guadignini Maud Annetta m. Henry Robert Elton
Hannay Charles Edward Gordon m. Helena Sears Paul
Harman Albert Brice m. Violet Mary Roberta Rochfort
Hawke (Scope) Elizabeth H m. James Marwood Elton
Henry Albert Ernest m. Amy Louisa Elton
Hitch William Edward m. Geraldine Marie Rochfort Smith
Hobday Gladys m. John Elton Home (1st wife)
Hobday Mabel Eleanor Gertrude m. John Elton Home (1st wife)
Hodges Mary Ann m. Marcus Gustavus Rochfort
Holroyd Charles m. Anne Eliza Smith (2nd wife)
Home Robert m. Elizabeth Georgiana Elton
Hoyle George William m. Marie Catherine Rochfort
Hughes Dorothy Jane m. Alfred Ernest Sears
Jary William (or Arthur) m. Alice Isabel McLead Rochfort  (2nd husband)
Josephson Anne Ellen m. Alexander Rochfort Smith
Lawrence Ernest John m. Ethel Frances Home (2nd husband)
Le Feuvre (Long) John Edmund (H P) m. Amy Louisa Elton (2nd husband)
Leighton Alice Burn m. John Steel Rochfort
Lloyd Charles Trevor m. Ethel Frances Home (1st husband)
Macbean Grace m. Robert Sears Paul
Montague Coral m. Charles Patrick Holroyd
Montrion Francis Austin m. Alice Emma Elton
Nixey Walter Thomas Rothwell m. Alice Isabel McLead Rochfort (2nd husband)
Ogilvie Edward Collingwood m. Kathleen Minette Home
Paul John Stewart m. Janet Stuart Smith
Peck Florence Lily m. Richard Adair Rochfort (1st wife)
Purcell Henry Edward Lemuel m. Maud Catherine Russell (2nd husband)
Riley Phyllis m. Gerald Henry Sibbald Hitch
Russell Charles Martin m. Geraldine Rochfort
Scott Alfred W m. Violet Elton
Sears Robert Humphry m. Mary Ann Rochfort (1st wife)
Sears Robert Humphry m. Mary Anne Rochfort Smith (2nd wife)
Sears Robert Humphry m. Nellie Kathleen Rochfort
Shaw-Yates Ernest Bentley m. Gladys Rochfort Smith
Slater Florence m. William Austin S Montrion
Slatyer Oswald G m. Winifred Dalton Elton (1st husband)
Smith Patrick m. Margaret Ellen Rochfort
Smith Thomas m. Delia Rochfort
Smith Susannah Elizabeth m. Frederick Harms Elton (2nd wife)
Smith Mary Parker m. Frederick William Sears
Spencer Gladys Amelie m. William Elton Home
Swettenham Dorothy Charlotte m. George William Hoyle
Vernham Noel Mark Hodson m. Violet Kathleen Jary
Walker Francis Conolly m. Maud Catherine Russell (1st husband)
Young Percy Somers Badd m. Amy Louisa Elton (1st husband)

Marcus Gustavus Rochfort

Marcus Gustavus Rochfort

Eliza Everina Rochfort

Edward Rochfort Elton

James Marwood Elton

Alice Emma Elton

Frank Elton Montrion

Elizabeth Georgiana Elton

Robert Elton Home

Ella Blanche Home

Ethel Frances Home

Kathleen Minette Home

John Elton Home

Amy Louisa Elton

Frederick Harms Elton

Eliza Everina Rochfort and Descendents


Delia Rochfort

Janet Stuart Smith

Mary Anne Rochfort Smith

Anne Eliza Smith

Charles Patrick Holroyd

Edward Fraser Rochfort Holroyd

Delia Rochfort and Descendents

Mary Ann Rochfort

Mary Ann Rochfort

John Steele Rochfort

Violet Mary Roberta Rochfort

Alice Isabel McLead Rochfort

John Steel Rochfort and Descendents

Marcus Burgh Rochfort

Norah Greenfield Rochfort

Marcus Burgh Rochfort and Descendents

Margaret Ellen Rochfort

Alexander Rochfort Smith

Geraldine Marie Rochfort Smith

Margaret Ellen Rochfort and Descendents

Geraldine Rochfort

Geraldine Rochfort and Descendents


Marie Catherine Rochfort

Refer to

George William Hoyle and Descendents

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