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This section of the Web Site contains a collection of assorted references to litigation and other rites of passage for various members of the Fretwell and Frescheville families, and their family connections. The first group has been collated from information found in the Fretwell family papers. The second group are references found in the Hull University Manuscripts and Archives Database. At this stage these records, have not been scrutinised in any great detail, but are included here as matters for future research. If anyone can shed light I would be glad to hear from them. I am only an email away.

These records necessarily involved other people, and those cited are shown in the table below. This is followed by a list of contents of the records, which can be found in the sub-section Legal and Miscellaneous Details.

People Cited

Reference to Legal and Miscellaneous Details Name
References from Family Papers
Chancery Proceedings Bellamy
Gayteford, John of
Mirfin, William
Pope, William
Scott, Isaac
Shirtcliffe, Thos.
Thurnscoe, Nicholas
Whytyngton, Robert
Star Chamber Cadman, Nicholas
Fouljambe, Godfrey
Laurence, Sir John
Leeke, Ralph
Wodde, Peter
Parish Registers Burgess, James
Cole, Mary
Davis, Wm.
Hadfield, Elizabeth
Lowe, Sarah
Hull University Manuscripts and Archive Data Base
HUMAD2 (a) Adams, Thomas
Ayer, William and Lydia (wid)
Bagnall, John
Baird, John and Mary
Boswell, William
Cave, Richard
Cleaver, John
Crosdill, John
Dan(s)cer, John and Elizabeth (sis.)
Dawes, Sarah
Jackson, Thomas
Leicester,  George, Earl, and Charlotte, Countess of
Lodge, Edmund
Lonsdale, John
Mainwaring-Ellerker, Barbara, Elizabeth and Harriet
Middleton, William
Nevile, Katherine
Onslow, Hon. Thomas
Ord, John
Rawson, Jeremiah
Read, William
Spencer, John
Stanhope, John
Steer, Elizabeth
Thompson, Richard
Tyton, John
Waistell, Francis
Watson, John
Wood, James and Margaret
Woodcock, Elborough
Yorke, Phillip
HUMAD2 (b) Beard, Henry
Beever, Joseph
Blanchard, Thomas, Peter, Edward,
William and George 
Charlesworth, Henry and Richard
Downend, (Townend?) William
Fawsitt, Rev. John
Foss, William
Gee, William
Greene, Margarett
Gylby, Margaret
Haighe, John and Elizabeth
Hilley, Phebe
Hobson, John and Mathew
Hope Sir J. H
Hotham Robert and Sir John
Ibotsonn, Elizabeth
Lord, Tho.
Man, Robert
Marsden, John
Midgeley, Margaretta and Mary
Morton, Thomas
Plaxton, James
Rich, Daniell
Steers Miss
Streese (Streete?), Mary
Streete, Josias
Swallow, William
Wagstaffe, George
Wainwright, William
Walker, Robert
Webster, John
Wild John, Ralph and William
Yeoman, Robert



References from Family Papers

Sherwood Indexes

Collected by WEF and RTF, mainly through the Sherwood Indexes, but not collated in any ordered way.

bulletChancery Proceedings (1386-1714)
bulletStar Chamber Proceedings—1485-1558
bulletCourt of Requests—1485-1603
bulletExchequer Depositions 1647


In addition to the litigious references supplied in the extracts of the Sherwood Indexes were miscellaneous citations from Parish Registers, Wills, and a listing of miscellaneous references.

bulletParish Registers

Hull University Manuscripts and Archives Data Base

These entries are the results of an online search by surname. The Data Base is well worth a visit!

HUMAD2 (a)

These are extracted from the records, entitled:

"Miscellaneous Documents for Hull and the East Riding from the British Records Association".

Content and Scope
This large collection of items relating to Hull and the East Riding was deposited in the Brynmor Jones Library by the British Records Association in the 1940s. It is catalogued with a single numeric system, though embedded inside the collection along with the miscellaneous items are a number of discrete bundles of papers relating to particular places and families ... a batch of papers for Sunk Island...Most of the collection is composed of title and estate papers ...
bulletReference code: DRA
bulletDates of creation: 13th century-1950
bulletExtent: circa 1300 items
bulletFinding aids: listed to item level
bulletRelated material in repository: DDSQ; DDSQ(2); DDSQ(3); DDFA; DDFA(2); DDFA(3); DDFA(4);
DDFA(5); DDFA(6)
bulletAccess: Open

HUMAD2 (b)

These are extracted from various records, details of which follow:

"The Bosville-Macdonald Family and Estate Papers"

Content and Scope
The family and estate papers of the Bosville-Macdonald family arrived in the Brynmor Jones Library in four separate deposits. By far the largest, DDBM, came via the East Riding Record Office in 1974, and three small deposits followed on 3 September 1985, 18 February 1986 and 6 January 1987. The papers remain the property of Sir Ian Macdonald of Sleat. The Bosville-Macdonald family owned lands in the West Riding centred on Gunthwaite and in the East Riding centred on Thorpe, near Scarborough and the estate papers for both Ridings are catalogued together alphabetically. They contain medieval charters, manorial records and title deeds, many of which have been printed in T Walter Hall, Land charters and court rolls from the Bosville collection (1930). Sections containing early material that is in print have been marked *.
bulletReference code: DDBM; DDBM(2); DDBM(3); DDBM(4)
bulletDates of creation: early 13th century-1939
bulletExtent: circa 1400 items
bulletFinding aids: listed to item level
bulletRelated material in repository: DP/167/1; DDX/60/238; DDKG/99-105, 166, 213
bulletAccess: Open

"Papers of Crust Todd and Mills, Solicitors"

Content and Scope
The very extensive papers of Crust Todd and Mills, solicitors of Beverley, arrived in the Brynmor Jones Library in two deposits in 1974 from the East Riding Record Office. The papers largely comprise estate papers for the East Riding of Yorkshire as Crust Todd and Mills is an established and old firm, formerly called Shepherd Crust and Todd with connections in the early nineteenth century also to John Lockwood, solicitor (see DDJL and DDSH, DDSH[2] and DDSH[3]). The two deposits have been arranged slightly differently.
DDCV, the larger deposit, has 182 sections on East Riding locations, followed by sections on York, the North Riding and the West Riding, then other counties, Jamaica, a few acts of parliament, bonds and miscellaneous legal documents, wills and eleven sections on East Riding landowning families or individuals.
DDCV(2) has 52 sections on East Riding locations, followed immediately by 15 sections on the estate papers of East Riding landowning families and individuals, followed then by sections on other counties, at the end of which are the North and West Ridings, followed by some correspondence and miscellaneous legal documents, wills and a separate section for the records of the East Riding Clergy Charitable Society (1781-1963; see separate entry).
bulletReference code: DDCV; DDCV (2)
bulletDates of creation: 1240-1979
bulletExtent: circa 15,000 items
bulletFinding aids: listed to item level
bulletRelated material in repository: DDSH; DDSH(2); DDSH(3)
bulletAccess: Open

"Miscellaneous Landed Family and Estate Papers in DX"

Content and Scope
DX is an artificial group of miscellaneous donations of manuscripts and archives and it includes a few landed family and estate papers.
bulletFinding aids: listed to item level
bulletAccess: Open

"Papers of the Hotham Family of Scorborough and South Dalton"

Content and Scope
The archive of the Hotham family is one of the largest in the Brynmor Jones Library. It is ongoing. DDHO, the original deposit, was placed by the Right Honourable Lord Hotham in the East Riding Record Office in 1954 and transferred in 1974. DDHO(2) was deposited 1979-80 and DDHO(3) in 1987. The largest deposit is the original, numbering over 19,000 items, with the second two deposits bringing that total close to 24,000 items. There are some early estate records dating back to 1311, but the bulk of the collection spans the sixteenth century to the 1960s.
DDHO comprises the correspondence, diaries and journals of various family members, followed by documents related to their estates, arranged alphabetically according to place name. Country estates are followed by documents relating to townships, and then settlements (including marriage settlements), bonds, documents described as 'various' and, finally, wills.
bulletReference code: DDHO; DDHO(2); DDHO(3)
bulletDates of creation: 1311-1965
bulletExtent: circa 24,000 items
bulletFinding aids: listed to item level
bulletRelated material in repository: DP/18-22; DP/106; DDBM/32/1-2; DDCB/12/8-9;
DDCV/79/1; DDGE/3/39; DDGE/6/22, 26-29, 59-60; DDHA/5/2; DDLA/19/7; DDMC/18/3;
bulletAccess: Open

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