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Sherwood Indexes

  Chancery Proceedings—Early—1386-1538

ante 1500 John of Gayteford v Robert Whytyngton—Bond made to William Pope Esq., concerning lands of Gervase Frechevyle, an idiot, and son-in-law of said Robert. Derby 11/33
1406-57 Ralph Fresshevyle Derby 16/81
1504-15 John Frecchewell York 344/8

  Chancery Proceedings—Series 11—1558-1660

1617-21 Ralph Fretwell York 308/38
1626-39 Jenette (widow of William Mirfin, clerk) & Ralph Fretwell York 409/138

  Chancery Proceedings—James I—1603-1625

  Ralph Fretwell York F9/49
  Ambrose Fretwell York F11/14
  Ann Fretwell



  Chancery Proceedings—Charles I—1625-1649

  Bellamy v Fretwell   B82/42
  Dawson v Fretwell   D49/32
  Fretwell v Laughton   F11/43
  Fretwell v Fretwell   F18/26
  Fretwell v Newton   F19/16
  French v Fretwell   F25/24
  Fretwell v Stanley   F37/29
  Fretchville v Manners   F50/102
  Fretwell ats Mirfin   M42/6, M83/7
  Fretwell ats Osborne   O4/18
  Fretwell ats Parishe   P65/13
  Freschvile, knt ats Wagstaffe   W74/43

  Chancery Proceedings before 1714—Bridges Division—1613-1714

1654 John Fretwell—Isaac Scott 403/126 F.PLT
1686 Francis Fretwell York, 615/4 K.PLT
1700 John Fretwell—Thos. Shirtcliffe York, 219/2.1 F.PLT
1700 John Fretwell—Shirtcliffe, wid Elizabeth, & Nicholas Thurnscoe York, 240/33 F.PLT
1701 John Fretwell—Shirtcliffe Elizabeth & Nicholas Thurnscoe York, 60/103 F.PLT

If the same John Fretwell was involved in the above 4 proceedings it would seem that he lived to a good old age. It is to be hoped that the differences with Widow Shirtcliffe and Nicholas were resolved by the 1701 hearing.

  Chancery Proceedings before 1714—Reynardson Division—1613-1714

1672 Fretchwell v Fretchwell   406/215
1694 Frettwell ats Browne   432/17
1695 Fretwell v Waterhouse   168/14

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  Star Chamber Proceedings—1485-1558

1509-1547 Sir Peter Fretchewyle Derby 15/321
Godfrey Fouljambe v Sir Peter Frechewell, knt, Sir John Laurence, clerk, Nicholas Cadman, and others. Forcible dispute, land at Staveley Derby 15/130-138 and 322-326
Peter Freshwell Derby 27/117
1554-1588 Ralph Leeke v Sir Peter Frechewell, Peter Wodde, and others. Assault on plaintiff’s servant, arising out of dispute as to common at Sta(ve)ley Derby 6/76

  Court of Requests—1485-1603

c.1485-1547 Elizth & John Fretchwell, Riston, Sutton & Wawne, etc York 1/35

  Exchequer Depostions

1647 Ralph Fretwell Chesterfield, Derby 23 Geo.2.East.4

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  Parish Registers

1575, Jul 24

Bartholomew Fretwell & Elizabeth Hadfield                                               

Chesterfield, Derbys.

1613, Dec 9

Bartholomew Fretwell of Brimington, Buried

Chesterfield, Derbys.

1672, Nov 13

Nath.Fretwell of London and Mary Cole of Ely, at S.Edwards


1680/1, Jan 16

Mary Fretchwell and Wm. Davis, St.Jas. Duke’s Place

London 191

1785, May 2

Rob. Fretwell of Ashover, Derb., and Sarah Lowe of this parish, S.Peter



1749 John Fretwell, named in will of Mary Essex of Christchurch, London, widow, proved 1750 P.C.C 324 Greenly
1750 Mrs Ann Fretwell, named in will of James Burgess of St George Bloomsbury, wheelright, proved 1750. P.C.C. 187 Greenly


1501 Jn. and Joan Fretcheville, Staveley Cranmer of Aslacton Sherw.Pedigrees
1550/51 Peter Freshville, Staveley, Derby Smythe of Eske & Co Durham. Sherw. Pedigrees
1521 Elizabeth Fretchwell, daughter of John, son and heir of Piers, late of Staveley, co. Derby, Esq., deceased. Mary, Anne, Jane, Mawde, Elizabeth and Elizabeth, daughters of Isabel. Riston etc. Yorkshire Sherwood MSS, Yorks
1711, Sept. 16 Geo. Frettwell, Bristol Sherw. Quarto Notes. Bush 153
1749 Jn. Fretwell, son of Jn., Pollington Yorks Sherw. Parentalia 2/1
1750 Johnson Fretwell, son of Jn., Snaith, Yorks Sherw. Parentalia 2/5
1790 Thos. Fretwell, son of Roger, decd., Nottingham Sherw. Parentalia 2/221
1790 Matthew Fretwell, and Ann his wife Chancery Reports, Sherw.MSS. 554

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Hull University Manuscripts and Archives Data Base

  HUMAD2 (a)





DRA/527-543   Comprises papers about Sunk Island including a crown lease of 1675 and another of 1804, 18th century plans of Sunk Island, accounts and rentals of Thomas Jackson (1818-1824), the marriage settlement of John Lonsdale and Elizabeth Steer (1785) and the wills of Robert Fretwell (1791) and John Lonsdale (1805). (See also Fretwell Orphans, Gringley on the Hill)
DDFA/8/14 12 Jun 1754 Agreement for Sale : for £1200 : Robert Fretwell gent., to Dame Sarah Dawes of Escrick :- messuage and lands in Kexby -: See DDFA/8/119 - DDFA/8/120
DDFA/8/45 8 Oct 1753 -
9 Oct 1753
Lease and Release : for £2100 : John Cleaver (as DDFA/8/44) to Robert Fretwell of Potterton tanner and wood merchant :- as DDFA/8/44 -: [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/8/44 - DDFA/8/58]
DDFA/8/46 1 Nov 1753 -
2 Nov 1753
Mortgage : for £2000 : Robert Fretwell (as DDFA/8/45) to Katherine Nevile of Chevet widow :- as DDFA/8/44 -: [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/8/44 - DDFA/8/58]
DDFA/8/47 30 Jul 1756 Mortgage : for £600 : Robert Fretwell (as DDFA/8/45) to William Read jnr., of Leeds merchant :- as DDFA/8/44 -: [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/8/44 - DDFA/8/58]
DDFA/8/49 1 Feb 1760 -
2 Feb 1760
Lease and Release : for £2800 in all : Katherine Nevile (as DDFA/8/46), William Read (as DDFA/8/47), Robert Fretwell and trustees for his creditors (as DDFA/8/48) to John Stanhope of Horsforth esq., John Spencer of Cannonhall esq., and Edmund Lodge of Leeds merchant :- as DDFA/8/44 -: [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/8/44 - DDFA/8/58]
DDFA/8/118 3 Jul 1754 -
4 Jul 1754

Lease and Release :

  1. John Baird of Brayton esq., and wife Mary (as DDFA/8/40)

  2. Jeremiah Rawson of Bradford esq.

  3. John Fretwell of London now of Tadcaster gent. and Robert Fretwell of Potterton gent.

  4. Francis Fretwell of Kirk Hamerton gent.

: for £2850 :- freehold parts of parts of messuages and lands at Priestly Green in Hipperholm and at Sowerby (mentions Milner Lodge); and messuage and closes at Kexby. (Tenants named) -: In trust for R.F. [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/8/111 - DDFA/8/124]

DDFA/8/119 12 Jun 1754 Agreement for Sale : for £1200 : Robert Fretwell (as DDFA/8/118) to Dame Sarah Dawes widow :- messuage and closes in Kexby (as DDFA/8/118)-: See DDFA/8/14. [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/8/111 - DDFA/8/124]
DDFA/15/60 13 Mar 1789 -
14 Mar 1789

Lease and Release : for £34,392.5.0d. in all :

  1. Barbara Mainwaring Ellerker

  2. Elizabeth and Harriet Mainwaring Ellerker and George, Earl, and Charlotte, Countess of Leicester

  3. Elborough Woodcock of Lincolns Inn gent.

  4. John Ord of Lincolns Inn, Master in Chancery and John Tyton of par. St. Andrew Holborn

  5. Hon. Thomas Onslow

  6. Phillip Yorke of Hamels co. Herts esq.

  7. John Ord

  8. Earl and Countess of Leicester

  9. John Bagnall of Suffolk Street, Oxford Road, co. Mdx., esq.

  10. Elizabeth Mainwaring Ellerker

  11. Harriet Mainwaring Ellerker to

  12. Richard Cave of Doncaster

  13. John Fretwell of Pollington par. Snaith gent.,

  14. John Dancer of Doncaster gent.

:- manor and manor house of Stillingfleet with estate there and in Kelfield. Tenants named. (Mentions Marsh Close, Eller Close, 2 Moor Closes, 4 Bell Closes, Bell Close or Crabtree Close, 2 Little Moor East End Closes, Little Moor Angle, North Marsh Ings, 2 Mill Field Closes, Mill Doors Close, copyhold house and garth, Bull Croft Close, Little Moor Close or Stokes Close and Little Moor in Stillingfleet. Hagg Close in Kelfield) -: [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/15/48 - DDFA/15/69]

DDFA/15/62 14 Mar 1789 Assignment further to DDFA/15/60 : Thomas Adams of Alnwick esq., by direction of John Ord and others to John Fretwell (as DDFA/15/60) :- terms in property as DDFA/15/60 to attend the inheritance -: [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/15/48-DDFA/15/69]
DDFA/15/63 14 Mar 1789 Assignment further to DDFA/15/60 : William Middleton of Beverley gent., Francis Waistell of Stenton par. Barnard Castle co. Durham gent., and Lydia widow of William Ayer of Risby gent., to John Fretwell and John Dancer (as DDFA/15/60) :- terms in property as DDFA/15/60 to attend the inheritance -: [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/15/48-DDFA/15/69]
DDFA/15/69 13 Aug 1811 Assignment :
  1. Alice Fretwell (widow of John Fretwell as DDFA/15/60)
  2. Elizabeth (sister and exor. of John Danser as DDFA/15/60)
  3. James and Margaret Wood (as DDFA/15/67) to
  4. Richard Thompson and his trustees
  5. John Watson of York and
  6. William Boswell of Escrick gents.

:- terms of years in manor and estate of Stillingfleet to attend the inheritance - : [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/15/48 - DDFA/15/69].

DDFA/15/71 13 Aug 1811 Assignment : Alice Fretwell and Elizabeth Danser to John Watson and William Boswell (all as DDFA/15/69) in trust for John Crosdill :- term of years in property as DDFA/15/70 to attend the inheritance -: [Part of an original bundle, DDFA/15/70 - DDFA/15/74]
31 Aug 1785 Marriage Settlement :
  1. Rev. John Lonsdale of Newmiller Dam, par. Sandall Magna,
  2. Elizabeth Steer of Painthorpe in the same par., spinster
  3. William Steer of Wakefield, merchant

: prior to marriage of John Lonsdale and Elizabeth Steer :- sum of £1,300 under marriage settlement of Charles Steer and Elizabeth Fretwell, parents of Elizabeth Steer (13 August 1748), part invested in leasehold property in Everton, co. Notts. - : Witn. Geo. And Ralph Pollard [Part of an original bundle DRA/527 - DRA/543]. (See also Fretwell Orphans, Gringley on the Hill)

21 Jun 1791 Probate Copy of Will of Robert Fretwell of Bawtry, esq..Bequests to wife Elizabeth; niece Elizabeth Lonsdale (as DRA/536) ; etc :- Sunk Island -: Probate 6 March 1795 [Part of an original bundle DRA/527 - DRA/543] (See also Fretwell Orphans, Gringley on the Hill)

  HUMAD2 (b)

DDCV/185/31 5 Dec 1687 Maltby. Lease for a year : John Wild of Maltby and Joseph Beever of Hepshaw in Holmefirth to William Wild of Aldcoats, par. Blyth and Ralph Wild of Maltby, all yeomen :- messuage in Maltby -: To lead to a Release. Witn. George Wagstaffe, Edw. Fretwell, Tho. Lord.
DX/107/3 3 Mar 1790 Photocopy. Will of Margaret Gylby of Beverley widow. Bequests to nieces Margaretta and Mary Midgeley; Mr. Fretwell (son of late sister in law) and his niece Miss Steers; William Foss of Hull and his sisters etc.:- Ganstead, Hollym, Sunk Island. (See also Fretwell Orphans, Gringley on the Hill)  
DDHO/13/2 1676-1688 Letters to Sir John Hotham, 2nd Bart. from :
  1. Lord Frescheville :- sending soldier to appear before magistrates. Hawking, 11 September 1676
  2. 8 leading citizens of Hull :- professions of support for William III. Hope Sir J. H. and William Gee will represent Hull in Parliament, 15 December 1688
  3. Mayor and 12 citizens of Beverley :- thanking Sir J.H. for agreeing to represent them in Parliament, 20 December 1688.
DDBM/35/34 25 Nov 1645 Copy ; John Haighe of Middopp, yeoman : to be buried at Bradfield : bequests to Mary Streese ; wife Elizabeth ; brothers in law John Hobson of Dodworth and Daniell Rich of Smaleshawe; Josias Streete ; maintenance of a preacher at Middopp Chapell ; William Downend and his wife ; Henry Charlesworth ; Thomas Morton ; John Marsden ; Elizabeth Ibotsonn ; John Webster ; William Wainwright ; William Swallow ; Richard Charlesworth ; Phebe Hilley ; Robert Man ; Robert Walker ; Margarett Greene :- messuage and closes in Silkeston ; messuage `wherein I live' ; closes in Middopp ; close called the Roid in Langsett ; money ; ewes. Probate 5 May 1691 [Part of an original bundle DDBM/35/33-DDBM/35/43]
DDJ/14/84 circa 1674 Bargain and Sale for £53: Peter and Edward (sons of Thomas dec'd.) Blanchard to Robert Yeoman of Melbourne:- 2 parcels meadow in North Hills in West Cottingwith (Storthwaite Ings E., Norland Endes S., Wheldrake Marr N.) -: Witn. Rev. John Fawsitt, James Plaxton, Mathew Hobson, William and George Blanchard, Robert Hotham, Henry Beard, (no date) With Bond for performance of covenants, 29 December 1674 [Part of an original bundle, DDJ/14/84 - 100]

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